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Brief Description of Therapeutic Methods and Orientation

 My therapy is generally eclectic.  I select what is valid and useful from all the available theories, methods, and practices. It has been my experience that no "one size fits all" in the field of counseling. I utilize what is relevant for the client from the whole therapeutic spectrum and individualize depending on personal needs of the client. I begin with a social history assessment that is strategically made to target background trauma or unresolved issues of any kind.

  I will always check an individual's past for areas of pain or trauma that may need healing. This is not true psychoanalysis, but each individual client has his/her own history of the past that can still be causing inner child behavior to emerge and cause reactivity so I feel it is important to discover any of those areas.  There may also be losses or grief that have not healed as well as unforgiveness that may be causing anger, bitterness or resentment. This also helps discover any areas of guilt over things they have done in the past.

 My initial goal with any professional service is to establish a relationship with the person who is contacting me for help. I am all about relationship therapy and connections so I practice that in all my work. I have a strong belief that the most important thing for anyone is to establish trust and connection with a person they will be working with closely. I am a very relational person so it is not hard for me to connect with most people. I am also a survivor of my own childhood trauma so I am gentle but assertive in my practice. Therefore, I always do client-centered therapy in the beginning in order to form a trust bond. I let them tell their story in a non-judgmental atmosphere where they feel safe and comfortable.  I want them to know that I am listening empathetically in a caring and understanding way. 

This eases any tension or uneasiness they may have toward the counseling session and helps ensure they will come back for further help. 

 I start with a Cognitive-Behavioral approach for any irrational thought patterns linked to specific presenting problem behaviors (such as addictions of any kind). I believe it is important for the client to understand the idea of stimulus-response connections. This is extremely important in anger management therapy as well as teaching reparenting skills.

 In all sessions of therapy, I do believe in Reality Therapy. I believe it is important for the client to have an accurate view of their identity and an awareness of healthy options to get their needs met. I believe it frees the individual to know they can make responsible choices and it empowers them to develop new ways of interacting with others. Along with this, I use Adlerian approaches to encourage active methods in which the client can be involved in healthy relationships and develop new lifestyles. 

  I also use Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) as a major tool of efficiency for those who are stuck. It can help them move forward quickly.

 Finally, but actually FOREMOST for all my clients is to understand any work they do is spiritual work. Believing in a power greater than self is the way to heal. It is the inner spirit in all of us that gets crushed from the beginning of our lives and changes or shapes our view of who we are which causes us to hide from our true inner being. I believe in the teachings of Christ but I work with all faiths and belief traditions. I have found that we all have an inner divine essence that will emerge and grow with gentle nurture, understanding and care that connects to their true inner being. Counseling with me allows that process to happen.

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