About Susan

Degrees/Licenses held:

BS/Special and Elementary Education, SUNY Geneseo, Geneseo, NY

MA/Educational Psychology, Long Beach State University, Long Beach, CA
MA/Counseling, Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA 
Advanced training & Certification in EMDR
LPC – Licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado (#4423)

Professional Experience:

Educator and Supervisor of Education for over 25 years
Associate Pastor and Christian Education Leader
Director of Christian Counseling at New Life Church in Endicott, NY
Executive Pastor and Counselor with Fresh Wind Community Church in Colorado Springs, CO
Operating as independent Counselor/Director of Lifehouse Restoration Center, LLC
Trained and certified in advanced EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing)

Specially trained at Meadows clinic in AZ for Trauma Intensives and Survivor Abuse Therapy
Continuing Training with Pia Mellody in Couples Therapy to help with Talking/Listening & Boundary Work in all close relationships to improve communication with partners.

 Personal Comment:

I am confident that I have the education, experience, training, personal and professional skills to help you in whatever area you need. I also have a lot of life experience with many of the issues that I will help you with which is important as it is often challenging to take on the responsibility of getting someone to a place I have never had to visit. I do understand trauma and abuse personally and know how deep pain impacts me because I have had to travel that path personally and of course, many times professionally.

I hope you will find me to be a very caring, empathic, and non-judgmental person who listens deeply, asks the questions that will open up those rooms of “stuff” that may need opening. I am a good Guide to go into those fearful or seldom visited rooms. I am not your average blank slate and just listens and nods an “hmmm” or perfunctory and obligatory comment. I dive in with you, listen and offer feedback that you may or may not wish to hear (spoken, of course as ‘truth in love and gentleness’).

 It is painful and challenging to hear the stories presented to me, but I combine that with the hope and encouragement from the ways I have learned that really do help people grow and resolve all painful issues. I enjoy working in areas that help people not only recover and heal the wounds and brokenness of their lives, but offer the hope of restoration of their whole identity. This allows for development of self to not only move forward, but to advance to transformational levels never before reached. This is a development of the potential you already possess. I just help you uncover the treasure within you.

Bottom line of my work is that I am friend, counselor, guide, oracle, healer, and a general treatment practioner that will help you get where you need to go, NOT where I personally THINK you need to go. I will not hide myself behind silence or position, but I will respect your right to be the best you that YOU desire and we will work together to make that happen. Since much of this work is about spiritual transformation, I do share the importance of that in this work. I do not, nor am I allowed to under licensing ethics, impose my beliefs upon you. I will keep a holistic perspective and teach you to do the same as I know living life in a balance of spiritual, thoughts and emotions, physical, and social well being is the way to enjoy each day-no matter what situations present themselves. Living this integrated and conscious life is the Goal and the Platform. You get to fill in your own story and keep your own power and connect with your Higher Power in that Journey. This path has no pathology that cannot be overcome and healed to complete whole wellness.



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