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FIRST – please save this page to favorites, bookmark it, create a shortcut on your desktop or whatever will give you quick access to the page.

This is what you should expect – I will post a new blog 3 times per week usually on Monday, Wednesday & Friday. The blogs will be consistent with the theme we are discussing which right now relates to my book “Murture“.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT –  that you participate with your commentary, reactions, criticisms, agreement, questions, ETC. I want this to be a place for open, free discussions.

Participate by clicking on the “Leave a reply” link right under the title. You may leave your name or not as you wish – if you do, it will be public. If you want only me to know, email me referring to your comment. Your comment will need to be approved before showing up on the page – it will be seen in the right column under Recent Comments. Also, feel free to reply to the comments of others. (Watch out! Some spam does get through).

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I hope you will enjoy this and also gain some perspective on attaining the best life you can – I know that was your New Year’s Resolution… Wasn’t it?

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