Awareness of Reality

It’s been awhile since I have posted. I have been working diligently on some REAL help for people who want to SEE REAL Reality. I am creating a new site called Empower Your Spirit. I hope to have plenty of help on how to create from a Real Spirit that stays present with God and remains aware of the Present. Living in the present gives an advantage to reality and creating the life you desire.

First, think about this: where do your thoughts come from? For most humans on the planet, they are a mixture of sounds and voices from the past. YES, so many layers of noise! So, when the present moment presents anything, your brain is either automatically making decisions from past “settings” or experiences. This all happens in our subconscious which treats time all the same and does not judge real from imagined. All decisions made from the subconscious are in files stored as you learned the information needed. It is like having a perfect recording (video and audio) of every event you ever witnessed, learned about, or were told in your entire life (think, your own USB flash drive). Since these were made at all different times in the past, many are immature but are still in operation and have not been updated but the subconscious still uses them as the default setting.

Think about this in regard to how to make decisions about any relationship. I mean the ways you relate to certain people, places and things. Use money as a topic. Money is a thing (energy) but you have subconscious thoughts about it that are just perceptions that you made up in your head. If you believe money is scarce, you will treat it as such and will act out of that perception. Perception just means how you have made meanings about something. The thoughts in our head cluster around what others taught us or what we have experienced IN THE PAST. This can keep you really stuck if you are not aware of how you are making reality from a lot of false beliefs.

The human mind is mostly out of order and in chaos without proper filters. However, even with good and healthy filters, there is still a predisposition to judge the present based on the past. This mostly means you will be judging and making decisions based on fear because the subconscious picks the worst case to prepare for the best to happen. It is an “if this…..then, that” program. This will limit beliefs and keep you stuck in old ruts and operating out of only part or parts of your mind. Even if you are used to using intuition or trusting your gut, you will still not be aware of what reality is when you empower your spirit.

Living from a Spiritual Center is dependent on having ONE mind. It means having your “conscious” mind connected and integrated with your subconscious (body of evidence in our body mind) so they are in sync with the Mind of God. God gives wisdom and power from the Highest Realm and is the Creator of all that is REAL. People imagine from fear or guilt or any number of crazy filters and create insane realities. We know this as we hear others doing it all the time. The truth is that ALL humans do it ALL the time! All human thinking is limited and partial because humans have no ability to see the REAL future or the REAL past. Both the past and the future were made from the perception inside your thinking that went into a recorded file of meaning.

What I am interested in is to awaken humans to know they can live above the fray of anxiety and depression which is fear based and live under the influence of an empowered spirit. HOW? Well, it is a process, but it begins with accepting that there is ONE God that knows ALL and can be accessed by ALL when an individual begins to turn ALL over to God. Yes, surrender what you think is reality and ask God to empower your spirit with truth from His HOLY Spirit. The Holy Spirit is available through the mind of Christ. The teachings of Christ all reflect LOVE…not human love, but Divine Love. When you live under One Influence of Divine Love and begin to relate to Love and not fear, you are beginning to step up into a Higher Reflection of yourself and others. At the same time, understand that only NOW ever exists as God works outside time and space. The present is God’s time and Christ said everything was done through His coming to earth and all was fulfilled. 

I will present more of these thoughts next time. For now, begin to meditate and pray about what it would feel like to know God so well that you were aware of His Reality and will each day.

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