Who do you say you are? How do you see yourself? What is your concept of you and your “me” based on? Many people have huge misconceptions about who they really are that leads to huge misperceptions of their true nature. Are you one of those people?

In order to discover WHO you really are, you need to go to the Source of your creation. Of course, that means God who is the Creator of all and calls His Being, I AM. If you are not defining yourself according to God’s measures and standards, then you are most likely uninformed on your true “who.” You might even be basing your “who” on what you DO or a role you play. These are not the qualities that God uses to define our nature.

When you seek to understand who you really are, it is very important that you do not assume the person you think of as “me” is all of you. As a therapist, I find most people have little concept of their true self. They have piled on so many false beliefs from the voices of others, there is a mixture of ideas of who they see as “self.” Uncovering the true self takes time to get to know God and begin to ask questions of how you were designed in the “beginning” before the humans got ahold of you:).

When you seek God and seek a true opinion from that perspective, you are sure to get the whole truth and the holy truth. You will see that in you is a core of amazing essence that is your true nature and the rest of you is more about how you were shaped to see the world around you or how you adapted to survive here on the planet and cope with whoever you had to deal with. So, be very careful assuming you are who you think you are based on what others say.

I recommend you get a true concept of the sweet child you once were and let God build you back up through encouragement in that true nature of your innocence. God’s love and nurture will bring you up in new ways without fear and rejection or abandonment issues. You will be amazed at how clear you see yourself when you allow Divine love to form the concept and raise you up with the standards of perfect love pouring into your innocence. God is the perfect parent to do that since He has the original design and blueprint and knows just what you need.

The integration of your past thinking about yourself needs to be integrated and healed into the new life and true self God gives you. This process is not always fun but you will feel lighter and able to feel liberated once you can offload some of the junk that was never true about you. It was just another person’s perception and whatever they were dealing out to you at the time. Let the shadows and shame you once felt rise to the surface and be detoxed and replaced with the truth to set you free.

YOU will be glad you have a whole new concept of the amazing way to see yourself and others!

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