A pet peeve of mine is how out of balance most of us humans can get over small things. Many humans live life anxiously tipping to fear and worry all the time. This is a chronically stressful way of living. The stress does give us a rush of adrenaline to keep us pumped up and on high alert to what “might go wrong” much of the time. Living under the influence of fear and worry is not real living. This kind of life also leads to thinking zones that are filled with judgments and the conditions of right and wrong.

Under the influence of the imbalance of right and wrong (coming from a mind caught up in anxiety and judgment), our brains are always expending way too much energy that overtaxes the nervous system. Remaining in a more peaceful balanced state of mind keeps the flow going to all our systems and allows joy to thrive. Joy is like an elixir that will harmonize and find solutions to problems. When one is hung up on fear and worry, the brain goes into high alert that affects all systems within your being. This is what we refer to as chronic stress.

Living with STEPS (spirit, thinking, emotions, physical being and social being)  in balance begins an opening that allows balance and moderation. Tipping toward any one of the areas as a strong suit without bringing the others along creates a developmental imbalance and soon, the neglected area falls behind and the strong ones take over. This is really obvious when I work with people who have really shut down their emotions. Our emotions regulate us to be able to take on the painful things that happen and to bring in more of our spiritual wellness and play a key role in our physical being and our social being. All aspects of us need to be connected and working in harmony all the time!

Joy and Love are the really high energies that help us live in balance. When we are down and not feeling joy, fear and anxiety come tracking through and leave us with a depressed spirit. Joy keeps us hopeful and brings more of the Divine Love in to help out. Where there is little joy, there is little light and shadows block love. It is so interesting how one joyful person can enter a room or share a word and the whole place brightens up. Conversely, it is interesting how a downcast person can bring in gloom and doom. This same effect happens inside us so we need to find our joy and keep it turned on. JOY does not depend on circumstances. It depends on hope and a focus on the good things you can be grateful for over the circumstances you do not currently like.

It is up to each one of us to find our balance, get that groove maintained with love and joy through doing good for others and receiving love from God and others as you give it back. This back and forth exchange will begin to create more positive and loving energy that keeps peace within.

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