Of course, you know that my blog is all about how to live your life in Higher Love and Awakening to your true self. YOU mostly likely also know that I have written a book about this process called, MURTURE. Murture is written to demonstrate not only the process of awakening but to share the ways I work with individual clients in my counseling practice to awaken to their true self. I go through a lot of steps in this book that help to clear out the old “stuff” that is blocking awareness of that higher and true self.

STEPS is a word that we usually think of in either a literal way, like going up steps in a building, or in a another way of taking steps to achieve a goal. Of course, I mean steps in a way to achieve a goal and that means progression toward a desired change or reaching higher. I also mean STEPS as a way of life. My word, STEPS, is an acronym for these words and their beginning letters: SPIRITUAL-THOUGHTS-EMOTIONS-PHYSICAL-SOCIAL. Those are the aspects of all humans that need to be in BALANCE, but are typically way out of balance in any individual’s life. For example, some people are so social that they never spend time alone thinking or contemplating their spiritual life. 

When you want to grow and make progress to live a higher and more balanced way of life, you have to be intentionally taking the steps in balance to do that so your mind and body work together to stay balanced. In that way, it is like taking literal steps when you first learned to walk. YOU were off balance and could not stand up very long. You had to learn how to balance yourself to make progress to walk before you could run or hop or skip or jump. There were steps that had to go in order and you fell down a lot but soon, you were able to do all things with good coordination and balance.

Living the Awakened and Enlightened life must be intentional and time must be taken to merge into one lane of balance so your self image tracks with perfect harmony from the Highest Power of Perfect Love. You will not be able to receive this power all at once because you need an Intimate relationship with yourself and God to give and receive this love. The more you do it, the more you learn to stay upright and grow into the process of awakening. It actually becomes quite “addicting” as you love yourself, God and others more and more. 

The first step is to set the intention to MAKE TIME  everyday to connect with this Perfect Love in some way. This can be through meditation or reading something that inspires you. It is also helpful if you journal and add affirmations that positively reflect the truth about you as God sees you. This is where sacred materials help because they are typically inspired by God and love. Getting quiet with God makes all the difference. Soon, you learn to shut out the NOISE….both the literal noise around you and the noise in your head that is confusing you or having you think poorly about yourself.

Why not begin today? There is no time like the present to give yourself the best gift ever…actually, it is a present…get present in the present and BE in ONEness with that Divine Love from the beloved. Remember to also check out all my videos on youtube to help you with all of these things.

Watching these videos or reading my Book called MURTURE is like getting free therapy!!!

I also have other topics that are helpful for awakening to living a better life and awareness of how to stop sleepwalking through your life. MY channel for the videos is linked in below….

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