I continue to assist those hurting souls known as “humans” who keep trying to get free! What are they trying to get free from? Like you, anything and everything!! Humans spend excess amounts of time worrying and fearing about numerous things. Human thought if filled with endless thinking. As I have stated before, much of the thinking is stinking up other systems right inside of them.

Why? You may wonder why we (as a species) have so many confusing thoughts about ourselves and others. We all wonder and WORRY about these things. Typically, we do not find good answers to our questions because we end up in circles of thinking about the same old stinking things. The first thing to know is that judgment is the root killer disease that puts our thinking in DIS-ease. DIs-ease thinking just means full of anxiety and nervous thinking. We worry, we fret, we fear, we experience guilty thoughts and all sorts of automatic negative thinking clusters that stem from our judgments of God, self and others. We do it consciously and we do it unconsciously.

Where does all this dual nature energy thinking (thinking that does not produce good solutions that are fear free) come from? It comes from our human conditioning (how we are trained) and our human DNA. WE inherit this kind of thinking and try to make meaning from it. Of course, it will be impossible to completely gain truth from judgmental thinking as it is always based on the dual lines of human nature and nurture. If your human nature thinks negatively because that is how you were nurtured by the adults around you (which we all were raised by criticisms), you will always default to “fault finding” which is judgment. It will be based on experiences that were reinforced by others into your mind and how you interpreted it through your human nature. 

So, what is the answer? Are we stuck in a plight of fight or flight to always be battling to find the truth of who is right and who is wrong. The answer is yes and no. YES, if you choose to THINK you are stuck down there:) in lower levels of not knowing what you don’t know but thinking you do. However, NO, you are not stuck in a dual human think zone of judgment if you believe that you can rise above it. That is what enlightenment is all about . YOU begin seeking truth and love and desire to be living above the negative realms. It will not happen overnight but you will be put on a Seeking Path that is the road to find answers. It is the Journey into self and exploring your inner being. When you make this a focus, you are not in need to look AT others and explore what is wrong with them. YOU are too  busy MINDING and RE-MINDING your self that you can only change YOU and that happens inside out. When you make this Journey with the Perfect Love of God, you find out amazing things you did not know and could not know apart from this Partner.

Taking on Divine Love and reconnecting with the seeds of divine within you is a great way to unwind old conditions and to integrate into higher love and higher truths that set you free from all the human noise and confusion. Journaling your findings really helps offload some of the old labels and tapes of the past that no longer fit your thinking. Your heart opens to truth and the light comes shining forth. Old assumptions of self, God and others fall away as new nurture from a Mature Love of self (appreciating your amazing being) and of God (just being amazed by the Power of His Love) begin to make a huge impact as you awaken and come alive in the present to who you really are inside and in your spiritual nature.

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to connect your newly formed thoughts to your body so the memories from human lines in your body can heal and cooperate to connect mind, body and spirit into one whole being that is deeply loved by God.



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