I have been posting so many new exciting thoughts from my book, MURTURE, which is all about how to achieve a higher spiritual nature that is mature and continuously growing to a more divine inner self. It is impossible to grow or even conceive of that inner being when you have a low or poor self image. You see, the Image of God in us is at the core of our worth and value. If we see our reflection as a “worm” or lowly being based on past behaviors, we can never measure up to see ourselves as God’s reflection.

Interestingly enough, this low image comes from OTHER humans and their ideas of you. We are all conditioned to see our image in the eyes of others. Therefore, we will all contain a flawed image of ourself and others. This is one of the major problems with humans. They walk around judging each other by behavior and physical perspectives and miss the inner divine essence in all of us. Layer upon layer of human devaluing and human disappointment leaves a human in distress dependent on others OR, a false self pretending to look good and perfect.

Neither a low self image based on others’ low opinions of us or a false pretending self made from ego is the answer to a spiritual being able to grow and develop through unconditional love. WE must first get the idea that our image is only based on God seeing us as HIS perfectly created being in spirit. That means inside all of us are the seeds of God’s Image. Getting inside and looking around at how God sees you is your JOB! If you choose not to see yourself in deeper ways, you will miss your true self and the beauty of your creation on this planet. You will not live your life to your full potential.

Begin to see yourself through the eyes of LOVE. The eyes of Perfect LOVE that will help you cast off the fears that you are not good enough. Let God Grow your image and reflection as His new Creature. God takes off the human tarnish, polishes you up, TRANS-Parenting you with LOVE that shines out from your new inner creature. YOU know you are loved no matter what others say or think about you. YOU begin to live from your REAL self with real potential for a greater life.

To understand more of this, please check out two awakening videos I have on You tube. YOU can access them through murture. com or through The videos are talk about love and the spiritual path are numbers 10 and 11. Here is a link to #11.