I write a lot about healing and thinking about the highest powers of positive connections between mind, body and spirit. While it is true that all three of these need perfect alignment in order for healing to happen, there is another factor that many people do not understand. In all of us, there are many memories from childhood stuck in an arrested stage of development. That means that what happened to you when you were 10 is still recorded in your subconscious memory.

When we have not updated our memory and brought our little child hurts and wounds of the past up to date, they can become activated by the same feelings of hurt in the present and behavior can become a re-enactment of the past FROM the same perspective as your little kid. This is why you see people over-reacting to silly things or making big deals of not feeling understood. Their little toddler is activated and has a yelling, stomping temper tantrum about the present incident. This happens all the time.

So, what is the solution for this? The solution is to go back and reflect on incidents from the various stages of childhood where you felt hurt and do some journaling about them. Ask yourself how you felt from the perspective of your little kid. If you get quiet and be still, you will hear the answer. I give instructions on how to do this in my book, MURTURE, in Chapter 3. The purpose for doing this is to give healing to the feeling that is arrested and underdeveloped or developed from a childish mindset. You can give nurture and love that will attend to the wound and bring in Spiritual Guidance to gain awareness of anytime you ever felt that way as a child. Once you take care of the past and update these times, your brain takes new pathways and brings more mature or healthy thinking to situations so they no longer bother you or “set you off” as they once did.

In addition, you can use the wasted time of spending energy fighting or avoiding on what you want to be doing and remain calm in the present. YOU will also gain the benefit of new space. Like a computer, old files take up negative storage space with information you no longer need or want. Updating your inner systems will bring integration and wholeness so you operate out of the oneness you are now. The new power you have gives you more energy and keeps you higher in conscious awareness to reflect on things from your true self.

Again, if you need more information on healing the past and why it is so important, go to and watch some of my video links or read my book, MURTURE. I promise it will change your life to bring in this higher awareness that awakens your true self and the spirit within you.



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