In my last post, I wrote that it is impossible to receive truth and love unless you are connected to the true self of your inner being. I will no doubt repeat that truth many times in my blogs. It is the essential component that most people miss on their Spiritual Journey to Deeper Knowing of God’s Love and the Path of Enlightenment. Many will build their spiritual house on top of world conditioning and labels of the past. Most people think you can just drop the past and let it go and move on to a more evolved future. While that is true, there will still be residuals left from the other humans walking around and over and on you:) that left muddy prints (imprints).

Apart from a dedicated process of letting go of the past imprints, human pride and other false selves still inhabit and are tempters for the “fowler’s snare.” That just means that there will be human temptations when we are triggered that will snare or snag us into entanglements with ourselves and others. Things like getting mad lead to arguments and quarrels where humans dump more blame and shame on each other. These are impossible to avoid without being grounded to your true self. You see, the TRUE SELF is REAL and has nothing to prove. It does not have to prove itself to any other human and certainly NOT to God!!!!!! The veil has been lifted and the FOGS of fear, obligation, and guilt that shame us are removed. KNOWING who you truly are at your core helps you rise above the fray of others.

The SHAME mask so easily deceives us in our believing self that we get confused and split into parts (part of me feels this way but another part of me feels that way type thinking). The confusing mind or brain will be easily duped and hijacked to be unable to receive grace and mercy, let alone unconditional love! It clogs and covers truth and all actions are taken from a more hidden zone of thinking than one of clarity and truth. God cannot fully shine out from our inner being when we are not in touch with our own inner true spirit.

Granted, this journey into our true self is a process. The main thing is to understand that fact AND also to know that you are deeply loved by the Highest Power of LOVE that exists from the ONE that created that power. When you have affection of that kind of “confection,” you know you are being cared for even when you cannot see how things will ever change. YOU understand that when you let go of what is not working, you are able to TAKE HOLD of the inner truth and promise that will work. YOU are sure that you are choosing a new life over the old, dead one that offers little hope of this kind.

The inner self or spirit of a person is made up of the vital forces and feelings within each one of us that need to be heard in mature ways and nurtured by just the right amounts of love and discipline. When we do not pay attention to these voices, they come out in childish ways and are reactive, just like children. The uniqueness of every true self in the inner being of that soul is truly amazing. Just as we all look different on the exterior, our interior self is very complex and uniquely made. That is why there is only ONE kind of love that will satisfy our longing to receive love so we can achieve our destiny has to be believed!!!!

In my humble opinion, we have only begun to understand the true identity of individuals as God sees them, and therefore, only God knows how to TREAT each of us WELL!



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