In my last blog, I wrote about communication and how important it is to be in touch with your roots and identity. I continue on that same these today with the premise that we must all keep resetting that inner communication thinking “self to deep inner core self.” That core self contains your seeds of greatness and if you are not communicating with that dashboard, you will be constantly losing inner connection.

How can you stay consistently in conscious contact with your true inner core self? Well, that is a great question! It is simple but can be complicated when we do not have a good sense of our inner great spirit. The spirit of us is where the seeds of greatness lie. They are imbedded in our sweet and pure innocent self. This core is like any seed, dormant, but will grow when watered and nurtured with the right nourishment and vital ingredients. So, first you have to believe in yourself. BELIEVING is the the first step in receiving healthy nurture. If your humanly conditioned self was tore down with lies and poor nurture, it may be hard to believe you have any worth and value. Your inner seed is made of incorruptible worth and value and does not depend on what any human says or has done to you.

Inner seeds of greatness come from the Divine and are, therefore, perfect in spirit. They are pure and have not been contaminated. They will be activated by FAITH in God and believing in His HOLY Spirit. Once you have the Holy Spirit for a partner, you can begin to agree with all God says to you and about you. Anything unloving or unkind or blaming and shaming or causing you fear is not coming from God. God promotes love and has the BEST thoughts for you and about you. This is where you can RESET constantly.

When you read Scripture (Holy Bible), you find all the verses of how you are created in God’s image (as are all His children) and that you were known in spirit by God before you were conceived in the womb. You will read that God is not distant and angry but a part of you inside that can be watered and fed truth from HIS WORDS. When you do the reading, HE does the seeding and feeding and grows you into a new creature. You will still physically look the same, but your spirit will begin to change you inside out. That means your mind, your spirit, your soul and your body will be made new. Your soul and heart got wounded in your human nature so you need a new heart of love that will connect and heal your soul scars. This is called inner healing or bottom healing of your roots and the Spirit of God will change your mind and use your brain for HIS WAY of thinking so you get a renewed mindset.

All of this newness changes communication patterns and constantly refreshes your identity so you remember WHO you are and take a look at your new creature takeover and growth out of that core self. When you align with God’s Word and His Thoughts about you and let HIS love nurture, MURTURE happens. You merge with His nature in you and you EMERGE and evolve into a loved and loving creature run by this POWER of the Divine. You are in ONE connection with God. It is like Wi-fi except you are always connected unless you disconnect from Truth or decide to go back to old ways. Even then, you can always come back online with a simple awareness and confession that you need more help through faith. YOU are God’s treasured possession and you need to let Him tell you and show you what that means ALL the time. Take HIM at His Word…..

Delight in ME, and I will give you the desires of your heart….Psalm 37:4



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