We all have different human parents we did not choose. We all also have had teachers that we did not choose. There are many people that crossed your path and influenced you as a child that hurt you and made you feel less than loving toward your inner being. This is how the false self begins. Children do not know they are not the cause of someone else’s mood or reactions to them. Even if they have a sense of injustice, they will usually adjust their own way of being to cope with the “bigger” person and get in line with the way the adult needs them to behave. The children who do not do this are labeled as defiant or as though something is “wrong” with them for not fitting in. These circumstances happen to children over and over. The point is that they happened to you, too!

As you are reading this blog, you will probably think of many times when you were treated unfairly or received hurtful treatment as a child. Many of my clients will agree with that this happened to them BUT, will quickly follow up with a comment from their adult now that sounds like, “Yea, but I deserved that treatment. I was a bad kid.” OR, “Well, yes, I did get hurt a lot but I was too sensitive.” OR, “Yes, that did happen but my parents did the best they could.” OR, “Yes, but that was then and this is now.” Notice how these adult voices go right to taking on that it was their fault or they do not see any connection between what happened as a child and now.

Here is the deal! Everything that ever hurt us is in our cellular memory and is impacting us now. The way it impacts us now is through how we REACT when someone hurts us or treats us poorly in the present. It also impacts our nervous system and creates anxiety or depressive thinking. Another way that past wounds from childhood impact us is that we carry the mindset forever and think under that self instead of knowing who we really are at the core of our being. THAT BEING is our TRUE SELF> unfortunately, many people never uncover their true self or meet that being.

Living out of parts of self is not living out of a whole and integrated being. I maintain you cannot be fully alive in the spirit of you without claiming the impact of your human self from how others and how circumstances have impacted you. Yes, this requires introspection and looking into your inner being. Yes, it is a little work but it is well worth the time and energy. If you choose not to come alive to your true self, you will continue living out of layers of false beliefs set up under the influence of others. That self is not completely the real YOU!

Living under a whole self that is true and has been recovered out of the ruins of the past is the beginning of living maturely. When you are mature, you do not react out of childish ways or thoughts. You are healed from those and your can gain higher ways of living. MOST importantly, you will be able to access the Divine Love that was always waiting for you but could only be partly accessed due to the fears and guilt you were carrying. Those energies weigh you down or act like a yoke that burdens you and you see yourself and others falsely under its influence.

When you are living in truth from your inner being, you see into situations differently and you make new meanings from your spiritual nature. This allows light and love from God to come in and nurture the true you. Obviously, when you live under the truth and Divine Love given freely, you learn to always feel good about yourself (even when others are treating you badly). You feel more comfort and safety knowing God is supporting your growth now. You understand that you are seen as perfect and accepted just as you are and that you are growing up again under THAT HOLY influence vs. human criticism and condemnation. You feel heard and understood by God so you are free to share that with others without FEAR.

This creates inner honesty and sharing from the heart more transparently. 

These are just a few things that happen under the influence of Divine Love in connection with your TRUE SELF….for more ways on how you grow and feel this love, read my book, MURTURE and you can grow in infinite ways that just keep unfolding within you and are not dependent on circumstances



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