Imagine how many humans do not really KNOW who they are on the inside. They have an idea of an inner self but have never taken the time to really explore what is going on inside them. They typically rush out the door each day and head off to a busy external life reacting to all those situations outside themselves. When things don’t go well, they will typically blame others or take in on as their fault.

Very few people stop and inspect the inner conditions of their emotional or psychological state of being. Of course, many humans DO pay attention to their physical being and condition it with exercise, food and healthcare. However, this is not enough. It would be similar to just washing your car on the outside, changing the tires, and filling it with gas without ever letting anyone service the engine. Sound crazy? It would be AND it is. People are not looking under their “hood.”

This is the reason for so many humans wearing a VICTIMhood. They put in on or it is conditioned from childhood victim mindsets or victimizations of others and never taken off. Imagine wearing the same hoodie all your life? Silly stuff, but it is the way of our culture now. The roots of our inner conditioning actually determine the outer conditions we live with unless we take proactive measures to change our thinking about our inner self.

Thinking is the first step because it is so easy to condition the brain. Animal research shows that and many have written that how a person thinks influences his/her entire life. WELL, with that knowledge, it would be ludicrous not to inspect your mindsets and the inner conditions of your heart and soul, right? Your conditioned ways of thinking was learned! You did not come thinking terrible thoughts about yourself or others. That thinking was trained and ingrained along with thousands of other thoughts that formed mindsets that drive habits and all that is hard to change if you do not lift up the hood and look inside.

In my book, MURTURE,  I begin with a promise that if you will develop mature thoughts and feelings about yourself that come from how God (the Source of your Divine Design), sees you, you can get rid of pre-existing conditions that have overshadowed you as long as you have lived. By removing false beliefs under that hood of yours, you can find truth and believe in your lovely self over a combination of love/hate for yourself and others. Living out of ONE stream of influence is the best way to live. You find healing for old pain and how to treat all experiences of suffering you encounter. You will be able to stop hiding under the hood or some mask that others have asked you to wear.

MURTURE is a process that introduces you to your real self and attacks of roots of your lower self thinking that is cloudy and fear filled so you can begin living life at a higher level under that hood. You will feel connected inside to your true heart and soul all the time if you use this dynamic system. Your inner conditions of how you feel about yourself will shift to positive because they stream in from Divine Love that is pure and uncontaminated by stinking thinking from humans. This Pure Love works FOR you and not against you because it comes from Spirit that encourages your inner spirit to stay whole and not split or separate into parts to please others. Old lies and guilt thoughts or regrets and negative energies are removed as you move into the Present and the Presence of a Love that never leaves you feeling lonely or abandoned and rejected.

If this sounds too good to be true, try it before you discount it. What have you got to lose? You may have everything to gain and only lose all the TROUBLE you currently live with! Find your Inner Joy!



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