Since I have written MURTURE, I often have to explain what the title word means since it is “made up” from inside of my head. My answer can be brief or it can be expansive. Murture is a term for a dynamic process that we can all experience as we Journey through our life. However, many will miss this wonderful dynamic process due to “not knowing what they do not know.” When we are unfamiliar with a person, place or thing, we often avoid it or we have limited understanding about it.

For today’s blog, I am writing a brief and smaller version of what it means to become familiar with the process of MURTURE. As a noun, Murture means both dynamic and process. The dynamic part is how love explodes and expands through process. Under this way of looking at MURTURE, you need to first think of the word, LOVE. MURTURE unfolds love into Higher levels above the ways humans typically “think” of love. MURTURE is the merging and emergence of DIVINE LOVE that is inside all of us. The problem for most of us is that we have “heard” about God’s Love at some point in our life but we rarely experience it unless we live the life of a monk or some other person devoted to God.

My version of DIVINE LOVE is that we can seek it and find it right inside of our own self and the self of others when we connect with the AUTHOR of Love. Humans have so polluted the word, love, and have abused it so often in the name of God that many are turned off or tuned out to seeking it in its pure form. (even if they would like to find it). MURTURE is a book I wrote for the express purpose of helping people find the path to a higher level of love and the connection to it in its pure form. PURE love is unconditional. It does not come with strings attached to it and it is ever giving and FOR giving.

No human is able to love purely and unconditionally. The LOVE chapter in Corinthians 13 sets the record straight on the truth about LOVE and try as we might, we are unable to maintain and sustain that kind of love. This is because LOVE that is patient and kind, etc. comes from a pure heart that has grown and been developed along with a healthy mind that has been healed from stinking thinking of the past hurts and losses. When you MURTURE in God’s love, you are gaining access to your inner essence that is the communication center for the spiritual realm. At first, it is only a small beginning or glimpse of what it feels like to be loved without guilt, fear or the obligation of earning that love. We have too much human shame to be able to see ourselves without the shadows of shame lurking over us.

The Journey that is MURTURE living requires an individual to begin to seek inside their inner being and take a look around. This is like taking a spiritual X-ray. You shine a light into the corridors of your past and see what impact the ways you were trained to think and act impacted you. This will show you places that got wounded and still hurt or are unhealed. You can be your own guide by using my book and the MURTURE process if you have not had a lot of childhood abuse. If you have, consult a good therapeutic guide that understands emotional trauma. YOU have an inner GUIDE called the Holy Spirit that you can access if you so choose to do so.

For today, understanding is the key: MURTURE is about merging with your spiritual nature and letting God’s love nurture you from the INSIDE OUT so the love comes out of you with the HIGHEST power of love guiding and nurturing your through the journey. Love will clear things out and keep leading you to higher love and the ability to give and receive it!



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  1. Susan, You are so right about the word love being “polluted”. I always say you can’t love things which can’t love you back. It is funny how distracted the world has become with the use of the word love that many times people can’t even define the true meaning of love because they love someone’s outfit as much as they love candy and a movie. “Murture” has taught me to be choosey with my words and what I want to express to others. By the way, I truly do love you! Thank You for using your gifts and creating and awareness of love within my soul!

  2. SHEILA- Thank YOU for leaving this brilliant feedback and commentary. You are so right about the word LOVE and what it means. We do lump love into so many levels of meaning that it becomes commonplace. I FEEL your honest love and you have actions to back it up. Maybe we should think of a way to start a real revolution that spreads true and authentic love mind, body and spirit. THANKS for being you and for always displaying your genuine heart. You not only know the meaning of love, you SHOW it by your SHINE!!!

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