In The Beginning of Waking Up to Live Life

My previous post was about the trance and waking up to live out from under the influence of fear or other FOGS. Fogs are just the ways that fear, obligation, guilt and shame can cloud your thinking. I mentioned that the thinking gets distorted and changed into an adapted way of living. The adaptions cause a false self to form and mask or hide the true self.

It is important to understand that we all have masks we wear to protect ourselves when we don’t feel safe or secure. The trouble with the masks is that they work so well, they become what feels like the real self over time. Of course, it is not true and you may know that you are not telling the whole truth about you and how you feel but you don’t want to because you have lived falsely for so long. The mask feels more comfortable.

In the Beginning of your journey into the center of you, you may feel strange or awkward and very apprehensive because you are going back into the dark alleys of your interior that you left because they were scared. The feeling of “scary is the most common one. It is fear…fear of going back to the place you left because it was too painful to stay in way it felt there. However, it is the very thing you need to do…revisit the wounded self and get to know that part of you.

The wounded self is hurting and needs healing and it is up to you to begin to care for and nurture those inner soul wounds. You do not have to stay there. You just go and visit and find your innocence and the essence of you. You need this buried part or buried pieces so you can let them be loved perfectly by you and God. There is a way that you can seek unconditional love from God and find the healing path but it will not be shown to you if you are unwilling to face your past. When you face it and admit you need help healing and want to trade the old story for the true one, you will be amazed at how this new beginning shines hope and new light into all the dark and scary places inside.

The human being you THINK you are needs a makeover and updating to begin a new life. The new life is the one you are promised and given by God. God is the Author and wrote the true story for you but you will not live it unless you are willing to surrender the false self and create the true and new you with your Perfect Parent. God is that Perfect Parent who has a destiny and a great plan for you.




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2 thoughts on “In The Beginning of Waking Up to Live Life

    • Well, I am definately out of the fog, but as for fear. I’ve never warn a mask, I have always been who I am and continue to be me. But when you are attached to people you can not trust, fear will take hold. I do keep looking back to where God worked things out in my favor. I am working very hard currently keeping that in the forefront of my hard drive. I survived holidays alone and winter has just begun. I am thinking now my neighbors want me out of here, perhaps I make them look bad or feel bad about themselves, not sure. I was here first though, I did not infringe on anyone or anything. Anyway, working on figuring out how God is going to work this out for the good of me. Perhaps I shouldn’t try to figure that out, but having had no one but him in my corner all my life, I’ve never completely had to lean on him as I do at this point in time. And of course I have never placed myself first He who is last will be first, and he who is first will be last.

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