Do you ever feel like your life is all about “going through the motions?” Are you getting up in the morning just because you “have” to or because it is day and not night? If this is the case, then you are still asleep even though you appear to have your eyes open and look awake. 

True Awakening is knowing the real you (inside of you) and being awake and aware of that inner being. The sensation of wakefulness means that you are aware and present with the day vs. only a part of you getting out of bed and dragging through the day. When someone asks you a question, being truly awake means you are engaged and present with the answer from your true self (not saying what you think is required or masking your feelings and just talking on the surface). Being truly awake is about not being reactive to any or all questions asked of you. Using masks and any forms of fight, flight (avoidance) or freeze (numbing) are all signs that you are living life in a trance.

Waking up out of your trance is about living life in the moment and present with the joy or pain of it. Living becomes more joyful out of the trance because you are feeling it and not numbing or avoiding. You are able to take responsibility for your actions and not let others disempower you. You are not losing sleep at night and tired all day. You wake up refreshed knowing it is a new day full of new possibilities that you can take and make the day respond to you in a positive way.

Thinking becomes a choice of positive or negative thoughts when you live awake. You think in one stream about what is good and positive and will help you fulfill your dreams. You are not focused on the negative rejection thoughts that tell you to forget about your dreams as they will never come true. You take command and stand your ground. Your inner being is aware of its true power and will guard your thoughts and heart to make sure they are in alignment from a feeling of wellness.

If you are interested in waking up out of your trance and ending the sleep walking way of life, you will be amazed at the potential and the possibilities that open up. You begin to form new thoughts and hopes that you would not have imagined previously. The change happens inside out and you contain the inner power to connect it all to turn the power switch to “ON!” I call this process MURTURE which means you merge into a connection with Divine Love that nurtures you and matures you at the same time developing a spirit already planted in you that is yearning to be raised up to do greater things!

Living in the present and staying in touch with the Source of All that is good and perfect keeps you rising above circumstances that once kept you grounded in fear and immaturity.




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