New Beginning for a New ERA of Awakening and Awareness


That is such a great question and I am glad you asked it! I had this “thera-blog” I started back before 2010. I was so busy wearing many hats at that time and was pretty clueless as to the needs  and demands that caring for the elderly requires. YIKES! My husband and I went “all in” for the care of his mom and my parents. Right up front, I will tell you that his mom was a piece of cake…the type of woman who loves you and wants to do what you ask.

Then, there were my parents. Let me just say that the Learning Curves I have always gotten from my parents are worth the price of several PhD’s. Of course, this is what I realize in hindsight (20/20). I loved my parents, but they offered challenges and a lot of creativity in ways to help them. My parents were the “independent” type who do not want to ever be a bother. You know, the type: self sufficient in a myriad of ways. This type of person is hard to deal with individually, but when there are two joined together for over 70 years, we are talking super glue to the max. I call this co-dependence. My parents called it love. I imagine it is an issue of perspective as to what words you use to describe it.

But, I digress: What I am trying to say is that all three of our parents have passed away in the last four years. All three were moved from eastern NY to our area in Western NY. Our “moms” resided in our guest house and my dad was in nursing care two miles away. The caretaking role fell a lot to my gem of a husband as he took the ladies to the doctor and wherever they wanted to go along with running errands for them. In the case of my mom, this meant daily visits to see my dad. The physical part was quite a disruption, but the emotional and other drain was also very heavy. This is where it connects to my lack of focus to blog. What was I thinking?????

Blogging not only requires commitment in order to be interesting and helpful, which is what I desire, but it also needs focus. In the past, I was a great multi-tasker. I now see how that skill can sometimes interfere with staying present in your mind. I learned this over the course of the past four years. In order to be creative, spontaneous, focused, and stay present with intended goals, you cannot be so busy and distracted that you are chaotic and random. Numbing and not feeling life as you put yourself into “busy mode” and pushing through takes a toll.

This is what my blogs will be about. I know the difference between existing and going through the motions in a trance kind of way and being awake and present enough to enjoy the moment. I have always “known” these things, but at the beginning of 2013, I am awake in new ways to share through my writings and offerings using this blog, twitter, facebook, my life, linked in and any social media that provides an avenue to be heard.

I hope you will enjoy this blog that combines Beginnings, Wanderings, and Wellness Endings in the context of my story, your story and the Power of all stories about people’s lives. I will share my STEPS to Wellness and the Secrets to staying well spiritually, thinking-wise, emotionally, physically, and socially (meaning in all your relationships with self, God and others).

Expect to engage, meditate, share, and be surprised at all that will happen here three times per week. That’s right! Tune in Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the latest in how to Live and Love in Complete Wellness: Mind-Body-Spirit. From my experience as a human, my education in psychology, my relationship training and engagement, age old wisdom, and expertise as a therapist will blend and integrate to give you a New Era of Living Well in the Present. I will offer the latest on anger, depression, addictions, therapy, overcoming trauma, troubled relationships….you name it; I have had a lot of exposure to dysfunction (my own and others:) and I can demonstrate ways to remove insanity from your life forever.

See you back in a couple days,