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Light houses were built to help guide ships to safety during dangerous weather. They saved lives time and again.
Our Life house was built to guide people through dangerous relationships. We restore and renew lives in a safe environment.


LifeHouseRestoration Counseling


Restoring lives in a safe environment
Susan Anderson, Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

Lifehouse Restoration Center (LRC) is a private counseling center located on
Lake Chautauqua, NY. The Center gives emphasis to healing the whole person.
Treatment is always given to accentuate the process of individual restorative work first
 followed by, or in conjunction with work on other relationships.

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Counseling Options
  In Office Counseling
  Telephonic Counseling
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Eye Movement Desensitization
         Reprocessing -

  Flexible! Not your "average" counselor
Specialty Issues
  Relationship Issues
  Abuse -  sexual, physical, emotional, verbal
  Pornography or other sexual subjects
  Parenting or concerns with children
  Resolving anger, anxiety, depression and other issues

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      Susan Anderson, LPC
      MA, MA, EMDR II

     3811 Route 430
     Bemus Point, NY 14712

     v: 716.567.4079

What our clients say...

"Thank you Susan, for all of your deep,tremendous support of my family.I am so thankful for your wise, loving counsel to us , helping us navigate health and healing and being on that bridge with us , to new life. What an experience !!!

I understand that your prayers for us , over time, have helped shape the miraculous changes and hope here . Thank you."

"Susan, you are by far the most affirming person I know. I am honored to have you as my counselor and the way you have chosen to walk with me through my time of need. You know me better than anyone else…the good, bad, ugly, angry, and darkest moments. I am sure that if it were not for you (your mother’s heart, gentleness, spirituality, and of course, professional skills), I would never have come this far."

"I am so thankful for you in my life. I literally wrote down almost every word you said to me last time we talked a few weeks ago and I have read that over and over about 100 times. It is wisdom that I constantly need to be reminded of. I really am so thankful for you and how you speak truth into my life." 

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Telephonic Counseling -
therapy using the telephone is incredibly effective and very convenient. You can meet from a comfortable and private place of your choosing.
 GROUPS by telephone or internet can also be arranged.

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"The great thing about Susan is that she can listen to each of us individually and not take any sides when putting our relationship back together. She takes the 'fault' out of the process and focuses on a better life individually and together." (Troy S.)

"Thanks for your encouraging words, support and guidance.  I am privileged to walk my journey with someone who is walking in the Spirit." 

"Thank you for the impact you made on my life when everything was falling apart. You were key in helping me put it back together. I am grateful! Happy Birthday!"

"Thanks to the wisest, gentlest, most gracious, and loving person I know!"

"You're so amazing and you are a life changer to many." 

"I am so thankful for the gift of your life and the blessing you are to my soul....I love you dearly and words will never express my heart of gratitude to God for You!"

"Thank you for your support and reminder that I am not alone. You are such a wonderful counselor. I have no idea where I would have been had you not walked through this difficult situation with me."

"Susan, where do I begin to thank you for helping me get not only my life back on track but for finding out who I am for the first time in my life. There are all kinds of counselors but none are like you for helping people be restored to their true self. I owe you my life."

"I never heard of sexual anorexia before. Now I finally understand what is going on with our sexual relationship. I had never considered that my husband would be unable to have sex or would withhold sex as part of his addiction. Finally, someone (Susan) understands and is addressing our real problems."

"Honestly, I did not want to do counseling - especially with a woman and particularly not after she had already been working with my wife. I thought it was like asking for two women to scratch my eyes out! I couldn't have been more wrong and I've come to trust and tell Susan everything, knowing she never judges me or assigns blame. My family is so much better off today - it must have been a God thing."

 If you need immediate assistance, please call or
                                                                email Susan Anderson.

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